Madison is focused on servicing its clients. The quality of our service is our brand.

Connecting our clients with high performing employees.


No need to put yourself through the rigorous process of hiring an employee, that is what Madison Staffing is for! Whether you are looking to hire one applicant or a whole team, Madison Staffing supplies you with our highly effective system of souring the right employee for your business.

About Us


Preceding a final decision on a potential candidate,evaluate the applicant’s performance and then make a conclusion. If your employee was a perfect fit, then you are all set!

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Need staff right away and don’t have the time to go through the hiring process? Allow Madison Staffing to arrange a suitable and efficient temp to assist your business in saving time and money.

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Who We Are

At Madison Staffing, we strive to actualize the staffing process in the most seamless, strategic, and fulfilling way. With our placement services of permanent and temporary, Madison Staffing personally places the right person to the right job. With our unique and secure platform, we collaborate with you and provide the top talented candidates that fit all your requirements.

Madison is not just another staffing company. Together with you we are a team and partner in making work and life so much more rewarding.  

Whether you are an employer sourcing experienced talent to supply productivity or individual looking for an opportunity that makes every day fulfilling or even an entrepreneur that is prepared to start their mark in the staffing world. Regardless who you are, we are on board with you in achieving your goals! 


Here at Madison Staffing, our loyal & committed team apply all their effort in ensuring every applicant we recruit perfectly fits to the credentials.

We understand  the many challenges that come with hiring and recruiting the perfect candidate for your company. We know that when you have an empty spot in your office that needs to be filled, that there is no time to spare. At Madison Staffing we strive to find the most honorable person for your business. We will help you build the team of qualified individuals to perform and keep your business well-ordered

Job Seekers

We will help you find your dream job

At Madison Staffing, we know how hard it could be to apply to multiple jobs. Let our team make it our responsibility to find the job of your dreams. We know that every individual requires a particular need in their career. So, regardless if you are an experienced person looking for that next step in your career development, a recent college graduate entering into working field, or a retiree or a busy parent looking for flexibility provided by temporary or part time work, Madison staffing can take care of finding the job that aligns with your personal and professional target.    



Every day the healthcare industry is changing and moving at a rapid pace. With the demand being so high for healthcare professionals, it can be hard to find faithful staff

Accounting & Financial

Madison Staffing is the one that will be the ones to expose the most achieved applicant who will be able to match your work ethics, balance a stabilized budget, and solve the most complex complications. 

Sales & Marketing

We are not your ordinary sale staffing company, we will be by your side and we promise that when you are done with the process we will have found you the marketing and sales associate that your company has been needing. 


Samuel has the unique ability to understand the needs of his clients and recruit the most qualified candidates. He was instrumental in recruiting and implementing our marketing/sales team that allowed us to grow in a sustainable manner.
Sim FeuerFounder and President | PES Enrollments
Samuel is a resourceful, creative and innovative entrepreneur who has successfully managed to start and develop a number of businesses. Samuel has a keen eye for talent.
Kim Bang Managing Partner | Prolific Capital Markets, LLC
I have worked with Samuel for over 10 years. Samuel has always been a great inspiration and a mentor. He is a true Entrepreneur. His business acumen, honesty, and vision are unparalleled.
Steve CinerPrincipal | Midwest Capital Group LLC

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Whether you are a job seeker or a company seeking a skilled employee, Madison Staffing is here to assist you. You can rely on us to provide personalized service & support in order to reach your goals!