About Us


Madison is the leading recruiting/staffing company in the New York metropolitan area. 


Our Team

Within all great business lies the commitment to perfection.

Here at Madison Staffing, the foundation of our company comes from the relationships that we have with each  job seeker and the companies we work with every day. We make it our number one priority to work along with you and all the processes that are involved with hiring or searching for a career position.

Each recruiter at Madison Staffing is experienced, affable, and will work continuously till the job is done. We are here to bring  employees and employment into healthcare, accounting and financial services, sales and marketing, and telecommunications that cannot be found readily through other resources. We offer assistance like no other and we can promise that you will be satisfied at the end of your experience with us. We know what it takes to build a strong work environment and a successful career. Madison Staffing is invested in making sure each individual and company succeeds to its fullest. 

Gisela Koch

Senior Clinical Recruiter

Over 20 years experience Senior Clinical Recruiter with many skills and knowledge in the recruitment of clinical professionals in team health for hospital medicine programs, nursing homes, LTAC, and Rehab facilities. Gisela has recruited doctors and surgeons from multiple states.

Shabina Gillani

Operations Manager

Shabina Gillani has received her B.A. in English Literature from The City College of New York. She is in her final semester of graduate school, and will attain an M.A. in English from The City College of New York. With her skills and expertise in writing and prior administrative roles for Norwegian Cruise Lines, Sixty LES Hotels, and a small courier company she is the “go to” person at Madison Staffing.

David Greenspan

Recruitment Director

David Greenspan has been in the sales and recruiting business for twenty years. His experiences gave him an extraordinary eye for talent. Prior to Madison Staffing, David was an executive at Truman Capital where he oversaw acquisitions and was accountable for hiring new candidates. With his knack for picking the most qualified individuals, David is committed in delivering a positive and successful experience to his clients.

Bambi Weavil

Marketing Manager

Bambi Weavil is the Marketing Manager for Madison Staffing, with over 10+ years of marketing and social media experience and consulting for businesses in New York City and internationally.  Bambi has had prior marketing leadership roles such as MetSchools, ACME Growth Co, EscapeArtist International, YoPro Global, and more.

Meet Samuel

Samuel Cohen is a seasoned entrepreneur and advisor with a proven track record of co-founding and building 7 successful new companies, 3 of which currently generate over $15 million a year in revenues.

Cohen started his career in Corporate America at Empire Blue Cross and then Bloomberg Financial Markets where he co-managed the Merrill Lynch account, Bloomberg’s largest client.

Cohen co-founded Madison Trading LLC in 1998. Madison Trading is a NY broker dealer with a team of over 130 traders at its peak and generated more than $10 million in annual revenues (Sold equity share).

Cohen founded Davis Mortgages Inc. in 2001 which employed over 40 people in 3 offices and originated over $200 million in loans annually. Davis Mortgages was licensed in NY, NJ, and FL .

Cohen co-founded Vanguard Title Agency in 2002, which went on to become Kensington Vanguard Title which currently employs over 80 people and is one of the premier title insurance agencies in the US . KV currently does more than 20 million dollars a year in revenues.

Cohen founded Madison Ventures in 2015 as a vehicle to consult for and invest in early stage companies globally.  

Cohen co-founded Ford Medical LLC in 2017 and served as the Chairman of the Board. Ford Medical sells medical supplies to wholesalers across the U.S. Ford grew from start up to on pace for over 10 million in sales in 2019. 

Madison Staffing grew out of Madison Ventures, as clients needed recruiting services for high quality candidates.

Our Philosophy

At Madison Staffing, we strive to actualize the staffing process in the most seamless, strategic, & fulfilling way.

With our placement services of permanent & temporary, Madison Staffing personally places the right person to the right job.  With our unique & secure platform we collaborate with you & provide the top talented options that fit all your requirements.  

Madison is not just another staffing company. Together with you we are a team & partner in making work & life so much more rewarding.  

Whether you’re:

  • An employer sourcing experienced talent to supply productivity 
  • An individual looking for an opportunity that makes every day fulfilling
  • An entrepreneur that is prepared to start their mark in the staffing world

Regardless who you are, we are on board with you in achieving your goals!